Business Valuations

Arriving at an accurate and defensible business valuation is a critical yet complex task. The certified team of valuation professionals at Kruse and Crawford serve clients every day, across a wide range of industries. By providing vigorous analyses of diverse businesses we enable our clients to enter into both buy and sell negotiations with a clear, well-reasoned, and supportable valuation opinion to back them.

Whether you are considering a merger, acquisition, or divestiture, we will provide a painstaking financial evaluation of the subject company and the industry it operates in, giving you as accurate a picture as possible of its true worth. Once we have arrived at a valuation, our team will provide you with a detailed, written valuation report, explain our methodology and our reasons for arriving at the valuation, and advise you about how to move forward to best achieve your business goals.

We believe that a rigorously researched analysis, in combination with an unbiased, objective viewpoint, are the key ingredients to valuations that will hold up in any negotiation. With our years of experience, we offer our clients a vast industry knowledge and a robust methodology, yielding thorough and accurate valuations you can trust.