Corporate Restructuring and Turnarounds

If your company is facing an industry downturn or a significant decline in financial performance, Kruse & Crawford is ready with a complete suite of advisory services to map your route back to fiscal health. Our seasoned crisis stabilization team will expertly assess what is driving your company’s challenges, identifying opportunities for increased efficiency and developing a sound, executable restructuring or turnaround plan to preserve profitability and stakeholder value.

We manage all aspects of a troubled company’s restructuring or turnaround journey. In the planning stage, we help clients by preparing a complete analysis of their current business, including asset utilization, cash flow demands, debt management, and tax strategies. With the facts in hand, we will prepare a forward-looking plan based on your company’s objectives. We may advise alternative tax strategies, reductions in overhead costs, divestitures, refinancing, and if necessary, the formulation of exit strategies. Whatever action is called for, you can count on us to execute every step of your unique plan, so you can focus your resources on continuing your day-to-day business activities.

Whether your company is experiencing a strained relationship with investors, a loss of a major customer, a decline in share price, a looming liquidity crisis or any other stressor, you can rest assured that Kruse & Crawford will give you actionable, sensible advice and forge the best possible path forward with you.