Financial Statement Reviews

There are times in business when the rigors and expense of a full audit would be overkill, yet your stakeholders still need assurance that your financial reporting is exhaustive and accurate. Your finances may need to withstand the scrutiny of a lender, a bonding company, your board of directors, or vendors. In these circumstances, what your business may need is a professional financial review that you can append to your financial reports.

During a review, Kruse & Crawford will ensure not only that your data have been reported correctly, but that every opportunity to analyze them has been seized. Depending on your needs, we will perform analyses of ratios, comparability of numbers between years, and relationships between the performance of your business and industry averages. Because we have our finger on the pulse of a variety of thriving industries, we can alert you to regulatory changes that might need your attention. All this information will be compiled for you in a format that is easy to follow and leverage as you plan for the future.

As we learn about your business, operations, policies, and procedures, we may spot opportunities for improvement within your organization. We can share those insights proactively with you and help you create an action plan to better achieve your financial goals down the road..