Financing Advisory Services

Finding the right financing to grow your business can be challenging in today’s economy. If you want to ensure that lenders or capital partners will get on board, it is important that you carefully craft financing requests to show your company in the best possible light.
At Kruse & Crawford, we know how to prepare financing requests and loan packages to get maximum results. We can help you understand how your financial statements appear from a bank or investor’s perspective, create strategies to enhance your appeal and borrowing capabilities, and prepare loan packages in bank-friendly formats that will answer your lender’s questions before they ask them. By anticipating lenders’ most likely queries and by giving them exactly the information they need, our team will improve your company’s odds of a quicker response and a better outcome.

Kruse & Crawford can also review your current debt structure and banking relationships, making recommendations for debt restructuring if needed. With our years of experience and extensive reach in the banking industry, we can market your loans to a variety of institutions to ensure you are borrowing on the best terms possible. When you do achieve the best rates, we will guide you efficiently through the loan closing process, so you can continue to do what you do best—focus on your business.