Taxpayer Representation

If you have received an audit or penalty notice from the IRS, professional taxpayer representation is the wisest investment you can make. It’s a sobering fact that the IRS has broad powers to challenge and investigate your finances if it suspects you of reporting incorrect values, and the collection methods it can legally take are very aggressive. That is why when you need to respond to the IRS, it is important that an experienced tax professional has your back.

At Kruse & Crawford, we understand the David-vs-Goliath nature of interactions with the IRS and are equal to them. We will help ensure that your taxes have been validly assessed and that you fully comprehend your tax position. We will educate you on the appeals process and relief schemes available to you and take matters completely in hand. We will even represent you in Tax Court if we need to.

Our tax professionals can assist you with all aspects of an examination, including:

  • Notice Resolution
  • Audit Representation
  • Collections
  • Penalty Mitigation
  • Filing Amended Returns or Refund Claims

With Kruse & Crawford on your team, you may not even need to speak to the IRS as we work toward a resolution of your tax issues. Once your issue is resolved, we can plan proactively with you to safeguard you against future challenges.