Transaction Advisory Services

At Kruse & Crawford, we know that the way a company structures a transaction can make or break the success of a deal. Whether your business is a private equity group or a public company, we will leverage all the insights and solutions in our arsenal to ensure that you and your stakeholders have success in the competitive and complex M&A marketplace.

Our team of expert professionals, supported by superior technology and systems, can support your transaction at every stage from smart, forward-looking deal planning to flawless execution. Our thorough due diligence process will reveal not only potential opportunities to add value, but also potential surprises and red flags. Whether you are on the buy side or the sell side of a transaction, our innovative methodology will help you to strategically reach your long-range growth goals while minimizing the risks you face in a complex market.

Throughout the due diligence and advisory process, our team will work with you and your attorneys to navigate price disputes, tax ramifications, and financial reporting issues. Our timely and accurate assessment will keep your goals in view, sensibly framed within the big picture of your sector and the global market.